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Monday, September 03, 2007

Lori K Gordon

The Katrina Collection is the series of work I began just five weeks after Hurricane Katrina ravaged my community. With my home, my studio, and all of my art supplies washed away, I returned to work using the only materials which were available to me. The monstrous piles of debris became my new raw materials, and the heartache enveloping all of us became my inspiration.

Please visit my website by clicking on the link provided above, or email me at

Also, please take the time to peruse the other links I have provided. The community which I call home is rich with a diversity of wonderful artists who are all trying to rebuild their lives, and with people who have formed organizations to assist in our recovery. My deepest gratitude to Leslie for her assistance;without her this blog would not have been possible. We thank each of you for your interest.

Lori Gordon
August 29, 2007


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