Gulf Coast Artists

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mary-Pat Forrest

Mississippi Gulf Coast, Scottish-born artist MP (Mary-Pat) Forrest presently paints outside her FEMA trailer 'au plein air' on her plywood patio. Her love of the Impressionists is usually reflected in her wonderful figurative paintings, however the 'FEMA 'ITCH & SCREAM' in contrast and with apologies to Munch, expresses all our frustrations on the coast.

Art of The Storm - Documentary

The Art of the Storm
is a documentary produced by Stephanie Watts and Amity Johnson. It follows the struggles of several coast artists in their fight to recover from Hurricane Katrina. Copies of the documentary may be ordered through the website.

To Contact Stephanie -

Ellis Anderson - Author

Ellis Anderson. Katrina Patina: a collection of stories about how Hurricane Katrina affected members of her community. Hurricane Katrina passed directly over Bay St. Louis, Mississippi,
literally wiping the 300 year old town off the map. What the storm
didn't destroy were the connections between the diverse and often
eccentric residents of this small arts colony. While "Katrina
Patina" is the memoir of one of those artists, it's also a story of
an entire community as it copes with incomprehensible loss.

Artists of 220 Main - Co-Op

The Artists of 220 Main is a co-operative gallery which was organized just five weeks after Hurricane Katrina. For many months, it was the only gallery open in the Bay St. Louis-Waveland area. Please visit our web site for a look at some of the finest work the coast has to offer.

Julie Nelson - Potter

Julie Nelson is a raku potter who lost her home and studio in Waveland to Hurricane Katrina. She has relocated to Kiln, MS, just an hour from the coast, and has begun working again.

Michelle Allee - Folk Artist

Michelle Allee, contemporary folk art.

The human form, queens, hearts, trees and houses are repeated explorations in my work. I begin each piece with careful attention to textural surface preparation. Some of my work is inbued with a sense of whimsy. Other pieces allow the viewer to step out of the dailyness of their life and into the delight of their imagination. I strive to pass on the joy that I receive in creating to those who view my work and take it into their homes.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Melissa Smith - Painter

Melissa Smith divides her time between her flooded home in New orleans and a trailer in front of her flooded and tree-smashed cottage in Bay St. Louis. Thanks to generous grants from art organizations, she has been able to replace her supplies and her painting boat and has resumed painting scenes of Louisiana and Mississippi waterways. Melissa may be contacted at

Art By Liz - Painter of Music

eLIZabeth d. schafer, painter of music. Bold and dynamic images that dance to the rythms of jazz, blues, funk, gospel and rock.

Kimberly Parker - Mixed Media

Kimberly Parker is a Mississippi Gulf Coast mixed media artist. Her work is made from reclaimed wood and metal. She is currently showing in Kako Gallery, Pamela's Living Room and Dutch Alley artist co-op in New Orleans. Her work may be found in Rue Cou Cou in Baton Rouge, and Trappani's Restaurant in Bay St. Louis.
The artist may be reached at

Dale Simmons - Potter

Dale Simmons is a raku potter who spends the winters creating art on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. he may be reached at

Pamela Tripp Simmons - Painter

Artist Pamela Tripp Simmons works in both pastel and acrylic, and specializes in landscapes. She may be reached at

Carolyn Busenlener - Painter

Carolyn Busenlener graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her oil paintings have developed in series; figurative, still life and non-representational.
Hurricane katrina destroyed her studio and home in Pearlington, Mississippi, She is presently rebuilding in Mississippi and teaching art in New Orleans.
You may contact her at

Susie Thomas Ranager - Painter

Susie Thomas Ranager
3420 Government Street
Ocean Springs, MS 39564
228-872-2897 (HM) 228-990-5292 (CL)

Susie Thomas Ranager is a native Mississippian and a lont-time resident of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Her work is included in numerous public and private collections and she has served on numerous Boards of regional art organizations. Ranager worked as the Curator of Collections and Director of Special Events and Workshops for the Ohr/O'Keefe Museum of Art in Biloxi, Mississippi. As of 2002, she has worked full-time as an artist from her home

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mary Hardy - Multi Media

Mary Hardy

My process has always been about layering and using multi media as a responsive reaction to trying to capture fleeting moments of memory and response. As I look at my post-Katrina work, my pre-Katrina work seems almost prophetic. Katrina has touched the deepest recesses of my soul and it therefore has manifested itself in my psyche and my work. It has become my truth and my work and I will never be the same.

Gulfport Main Street Association

The mission of the Gulfport Main Street Association is to revitalize downtown Gulfport. We recognize the importance of art in the central business district and plan to keep it at the forefront of our visioning and planning. We may be contacted at 228.547.6478.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic has recovered from Hurricane Katrina and reopened in Old Town Bay St. Louis. The shop features a wonderful combination of work by local artists, architectural salvage, and handmade chocolate delights. Located at 213 Main Street, you may reach Dwight at 228-304-7097.

Kathryn Taylor Gray - Photography

Kathryn Taylor Gray is an award winning Mississippi Gulf Coast photographer from Long Beach. She may be reached at 228.867.7290

Regan Carney - Clay

Regan G. Carney has been handbuilding, throwing, manipulating and creating sculptural and functional art in various clays and techniques since receiving a BFA in Sculptural Ceramics from Tulane U. in 1980. She has had many one man shows and has participated in numerous group shows, including the Clinton Presidential Library show in 2006. She is also co-founder of the Bay Artists Co-op, a loose association of artists working in a large open building. Wood, shaped metals, stained glass, oil and mixed media have all been used in the Co-op, but clay is the primary medium for the members. A yearly Open House is held in November for the public to view and buy the members' art works.
Call 228 467 0073 for more information.
Contact Regan:

O'Keefe Educational Media Group

O'Keefe Educational Media Group is a not-for-profit educational film company that has produced "Destination: Gulf Coast" a 35 minute pre-Katrina film that highlights 115 things to do on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. They also produced the film "Hello, I'm Alice Moseley" about Alice Moseley (1909-2004), Bay St. Louis artist, to retain the heritages of folk art and storytelling. They are in production with "Recreation for People with Disabilities". For more information call Janie O'Keefe at 228.594.7000.

Kevin O'Keefe - Sculptor

Kevin O'Keefe is a ceramicist/potter of functional and non functional work. He blends formalism and conceptualism in precise handcrafted original sculpted forms.
His newest challenge was to join three-dimensional forms and mathematical properties using clay rings, metal rods, and wood in a variety of large pieces.
Please contact him at

Sandra Bagley

318 Main Street
Bay St. Louis, Ms. 39520
Sandra Bagley is an oil painter who lives in Bay St. Louis. Combining a background in theater and painting, Sandra paints the Southern people that populate a place called home.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Andres Hill

Andrés Hill is a husband, father, grandfather, sculptor and teacher on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. "Through form, content and technique, my aim is to manifest a meaningful communication between the observer and myself. Choice of media and special attention to excellence in craftsmanship are integral and critical aspects in my work. As an educator, my profound interests lie also in encouraging and uplifting students through the arts and sharing with them the premise that our "right brain" talents are no less than divine gifts." Andres' work may be seen at

EJM - Interior Design

EJM is an interior design business offering a vast selection of fabrics, personalized florals, accessories and work by many Mississippi Gulf Coast artists including Kathy Gray, Laura Lindsay, Erin Gliddon, Lampe Orleans, Linda Theobald, Candice Mannino and Kim Ries. We also offer help and advice on interior decorating and design.

Please call Valerie Cushman at 228.374.8427 for more information.

Carole Pigott

Former Mississippi resident Carole Pigott has been instrumental in getting supplies to Gulf Coast artists. On this site can be found the work of 64 artists.

Fat Thumb Originals - Textile

Fat Thumb Originals
creator, Michele Hirata, designs and distributes Fat Thumb Chemo Beanies to patients going through chemotherapy or hair loss illnesses, free of charge. Her fun and fashionable designs are not only extremely comfortable but very stylish as well. Everywhere people go with her unique hats, purses and accessories, a buzz surrounds them with curiosity, interest and amazement.

Gail Hendrickson - Metal

Gail Hendrickson, a resident of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, has been constructing metal sculptures for almost 15 years. Her unique style includes hand cut steel figures painted in bright enamel colors and decortated with geometric shapes, symbols and found objects.

Elizabeth Veglia - Mosaics

Elizabeth Veglia has been made pieces of art for countless individuals. In addition, many community and commercial projects have been commissioned from various agencies, including the Mississippi Arts Council, the Library Foundation and ABC'S EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER.
Large and small scale mosaic art in the form of wall hangings, furniture, murals, community projects, commercial spaces, and so much more.

Yuki Northington - Interior Design

Art and Interiors, Yuki Northington. Space planning, interior finish specification, furniture and art specification.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Becky Dennis - Clay

Becky Dennis is an artist who works in clay. She was recently awarded the Jurors Choice Award at the "Ohr Rising" show in Gulfport.
Becky may be reached at

Kathe Calhoun - Watercolorist Plus

Kathe Calhoun works in several mediums including pastel, oil, acrylic and her favorite, watercolor.
Kathe has recently sold work at the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library and Foundry Gallery in Washington DC, and will next be exhibiting in Rome, Georgia.

Betty Stechmann - Photographer

Betty Stechmann
is a photographer who lives in Bay St. Louis. She has a wonderful "Before and After" collection of photographs of the Bay St. Louis/Waveland area.

People Potteri

People Potteri creates hand thrown functional one of a kind pottery which comes with a name and original story added to"The Wonderful World of Wiggins" family album.
Contact Bobbie Fenton at or call 601.528.9106

Sory Yager - Water Colorist

Sory Yager is a watercolorist and teacher in Bay St. Louis.

Redfish Stained Glass

Redfish Stained Glass
Wanda & Richard Dobbs
124 Darran Street
Gulfport, MS

Rick Dobbs

Rick Dobbs is a painter who has relocated to Baton Rouge.

Karen Gerber - Painter

Karen Gerber, originally from North Carolina, is a painter residing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
She may be reached at

Alice Moseley - Folk Art

Alice Moseley Folk Art Museum is a 501 c3 charity dedicated to honoring the memory of Alice Moseley and doing charitable good works in the town of Bay St. Louis. Visit our web site to learn more about the multi-faceted life of Alice Moseley and to view her folk art delights and the stories from life that accompany them.

Marcel Anderson - Metal

Marcel Anderson, metal artist.

Sandy Ford-Painter

Sandy Ford of Pascagoula, Mississippi is an artist that works in watercolor, acrylics, and mixed media. She paints and does commission work. Sandy often works out of her head using her vivid, creative imagination.

Brenda Randolph - Multi Media

Brenda Randolph lives and works on the waters of the bayou in Hancock County, Mississippi. Most of her work invovlves autobiographical, impressionistic interpretations of her experiences and environmnent. "Since Hurricane Katrina we lost the color in our landscape, so I have tried to inject more color and gold leaf into my post-flood/devastation pieces. As I attempt to reveal the collective loss we on the Mississippi Gulf Coast continue to share, I find myself symbolizing that effort with a reoccuring white ladder, representing the struggle to climb out of the rubble to safety and survival.

Judith Redshaw - Print Maker

Judith Redshaw. High quality prints of artwork and antique photographs.

Giclee Fine Arts
15195 Ponotoc Drive
Kiln, MS 39556
E-Mail Address:
Office Number: 228.586.2963
Cellular Number: 228.332.1816

Barbara Brodtmann - 3D Watercolorist

Barbara Brodtmann creates whimsical 3D watercolor landscapes. She prepares her own colored papers and intuitively cuts directly into the paper to form colorful paintings.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pat Walker Fields


The language of my art is motivated by my heart and soul. I work to manipulate elements of light and dark, known as representational “chiaroscuro": to imbue mystery and emotion in still life, portraits and landscapes.
Although Hurricane Katrina has been devastating, I believe God will give us all something better if we believe. I am
trusting God to direct my path.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Mary and Ken Davidson - Sculpture

Mary and Ken Davidson are sculptors from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. They may be reached at

Vicki Niolet - Mixed Media

Vicki Niolet is a mixed media artist who works primarily with 3-dimensional objects to produce box constructions in the genre of Joseph Cornell. She often adds music box mechanisms to add a fourth dimension of sound and quirky titles to evoke emotional responses with darkly humorous overtones. She has worked in handmade paper, photography, clay, and fibers, combining them all within altars and repositories containing lucky charms and visual imagery. She travels across the country to Fine Art Festivals and gallery shows.
To Contact Vicki:

Parting Shots of Old Town Bay St. Louis

"Parting Shots" is my record of post-Katrina Bay St. Louis; the devastation and the spirit of the town in photos. I've tried to respectfully present a humorous side to the storm with unlikely captions to unique photos.
The book is 120 pages of color photos and commentary, with a short historical index to landmarks and buildings featured in the book.
To order, please email, or call Vicki Niolet at 228.467.8318.
Total cost is $25, which includes tax and shipping.

Many To Thank

There have been many groups which have been formed to assist us in our recovery, as well as organizations which existed pre-Katrina. We wish to acknowledge their efforts and express our gratitude.

Hancock County Chamber of Commerce

Hancock County Tourism Development Bureau

Port Townsend-Bay St. Louis Sister City Support Network Project

Katrina Artists

Mississippi Arts Commission

Mississippi Center for Justice

Southern Artistry Art Center

Ellis Anderson

Carole Piggot

In Minnesota, our thanks to Debbie and Paul Woodward, Stephanie Watts and Amity Johnson, the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners, Frank Stone Gallery, Northrup King Building, Minnetonka Center for the Arts, Augsberg College, Mette Nielsen, Ken and Brenda Spence, Kevin Stanton, Gary and Myra Hennes, Erika Ludwig, Kerry Morgan, Greg Zajac, Mary and Adam Gray, Cheryl Stanton, Jim Stanton, John and Sue Christensen, Springboard for the Arts, the minnesota Woodworkers Guild, Clara Ueland, Rebecca, Karen Rosar, St. Thomas University, Catholic Eldercare, Vern Fetter, Tim Ziolkowski, Flaire Print Communications, Weber Shandwick, Judy Krause, The Grand Hand and Minnesota Helpers.
Please see the MN Helpers site below for information on the "Debris" show
which will be seen in September at Augsberg College.

In Little Rock, North Little Rock, and El Dorado, Arkansas, our thanks to Warren and Claire Haun, the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation, South Arkansas Art Center, Margie Neil, Richard Wharton, Beth James, Colleen and Mike Means, Laura, Vicki Lambert, the two Jennifers, Steve and Michelle Smart, Russ and Gay, Rhonda Hicks, Pam Hulse, Roy Reynolds, all the wonderful women who took the workshop, Arkansas Arts Council, Hot Springs Documentary Film Institute, City of North Little Rock, Eagle Bank and Trust Company, Arkansas Art Gallery, Little Rock Soiree Magazine, Arkansas Times, Mr. John Riley, Thea Foundation, Oval Gallery, Arkansas Democarat-Gazette, North Little Rock Times, KARK, KATV, THV, KLRT, KUAR, Fairy Tale Florals, Diamond Bear Brewing, Martha J. Moore, Grey Oyster Publications, Service Printer of jackson, MS, Simply the best Catering, Boulevard Bread Company, The Heritage Company, Sherwood Printing, Big Impressions, Bylites Inc., Travel Affiliates of Gulfport, MS., Signs First, Twin City Bank, Windgate Charitable Foundation, Glazer's Distributors, Central Distributing, Aromatique, Sweet Sensations, Southern Trophy, Margaret Powell, Jan Scholl, Cox Creative center, Coca-Cola Bottling, Highland Colony Parkway, Southwest Design, Neighborhood Wine and Spirits, Studio B-Robin Steves, and all the host families.

In California, our gratitude to Emilie Miller, Jon and Janine Miller and Janine's wonderful family, especially Kim, Gail and Paul Erwin, Trisha Miller and the rest of the team, and all the folks who attended the event at the Miller home.

Contemporary Art Center New Orleans

Craft Emergency Relief Fund

Pollack-Krasner Foundation

The Andy Warhol Foundation

Mississippi Humanities Council

The Thea Foundation

Arkansas Arts Council

William Jefferson Clinton Foundation

South Arkansas Art Center

The Museum of the Southwest

Leslie of Katrina Networking

Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation, Inc.

Richmond Montessori School, Richmond VA
(Watch for an announcement of a show featuring the work of Mississippi artists in the near future)